Youth Kungfu

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About Youth Kungfu Class

The program is designed to challenge teens physically and mentally at different levels. A rigorous and physical form of involves more fluid movements. Students will work on more advanced moves, forms and Shoalin Weapons including staff, broadsword, straight sword, whip, and spear.

  • - develop leadership skills
  • - improve coordination and motor skills
  • - building body strength, flexibility
  • - Anti-bullying skills and self-defense
  • - prevent joint injuries
  • - improve entertaining and practical
  • - assertiveness training
  • - Fun Fun Fun

Progress is often marked by the belt system which takes the beginner from 0(no belt) through a variety of colors until 9th(yellow belt). Testing for each new level, generally every three months, is a good exercise in setting and achieving goals. Each belt level will learn different selected Shaolin forms and weapons.

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