Kids Kungfu

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About Kids Kungfu Class

Beginning of the program is achieving fitness and focus. Kungfu training is not only physical movement, but also mental and emotional enhancement. Children will learn how to self-control, discipline, concentration and sparring which includes kicks, punches, blocks, and throws. Meanwhile, kids will have fun and enjoy Kungfu as other sports.

Benefits of Youth & Kids Kungfu class training

  • - improve coordination and motor skills
  • - building body strength, flexibility
  • - Anti-bullying skills and self-defense
  • - improve listening and focus skills
  • - increase respect to Parents, Teachers and Peers
  • - socialization with a group of same age children
  • - Fun Fun Fun

Progress is often marked by the belt system which takes the beginner from 0(no belt) through a variety of colors until 9th(yellow belt). Testing for each new level, generally every three months, is a good exercise in setting and achieving goals. Each belt level will learn different selected Shaolin forms and weapons.

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