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MA-Trainer Studio - Shao Lin Kung Fu Walnut, established under the direction and mandate of the Shaolin Temple abbot, Master Feng Fei, is an extension of Shaolin Temple China. To serve as a cultural exchange center by presenting the way of Shaolin monks’ life in practicing Chan, Kung-Fu, Medicine, and Philosophy through trainings, which will help practitioners improve their health and quality of life.

The Characteristics of Shaolin Kungfu

The characteristics of Shaolin Kungfu are its emphasis on skillful fighting techniques and its solid base in actual combat. Therefore, Shaolin Kungfu form routines are compact and strong in structure and rapid and tight in sequence. The moves are forceful and quick; attack and defense are agile and effective; and the practitioner’s mental intentions and physical movements are in unison. One advances with proper directions and retreats with efficient means; all moves are connected seamlessly like a breath. Therefore, the Principle of Fist Forms states, “The body drawing in and leaping forcefully, the feet keeping stances and moving forth, the hands striking outward and withdrawing inward, one advances or retreats, rises up or drops low—the form in its entirety should be seamlessly practiced in one breath.



We have been in the community for more than 10 years

Students Teached

We have teached more than 1000 students

Our Master

Monk Warriors from Shaolin Temple.


Master. Yanqi

A 34th generation Shaolin Monk, began studied literature and martial arts since six years old. In 2007 he became a disciple of Abbot Shi Yong Xin and started his training at the Song Shan Shaolin Temple China with dedication in follwoing Buddhist doctrine and hours long training daily in Shaolin Tradition "Chan" and "Kung-Fu" for many years.

His objective is passing down the wisdoms of Shaolin Chan to the community through the practice of Kungfu.


Master. Feng Fei

Master Feng Fei is the thirty-fourth generation of Warrior Monk at Shaolin Temple in China. During his 18 years of monastic life in Shaolin Temple, he has received extensive training in Kung Fu and Zen meditation. In addition, he has attended over two hundreds different international performances and various major world leaders events. Shifu Feng is fully skilled at traditional Shaolin Kungfu and national competitive martial arts. Especially, he specifies focusing on Qigong, martial art forms, and traditional weapons including double broadsword and staff.


Master. Yanlu

Ren Shuguang (Dharma name: Shi Yanlu), the mantle (assistant) and secretary of Abbot Shi Yongxin of Shaolin Temple. Graduated from Henan University of Technology with a bachelor degree. In June 2006, Shi Yanlu became a monk in Shaolin Temple as disciple of Abbot Shi Yongxin. Since January 2009, he has been serving as the mantle (assistant) and secretary of the abbot Shi Yongxin of Shaolin Temple, assisting the abbot to handle the daily affairs of the temple, accompanying the abbot to go out for visits, attending important meetings and activities, and managing the "Shaolin Joy Land" where Shaolin Temple is responsible for receiving guests , and served as the executive editor of Shaolin Temple's "Zen Dew" journal, and assisted the abbot to publish many books on Shaolin Kungfu.

Shi Yanlu has practiced Shaolin Kungfu in Shaolin Temple all the year round. He is an excellent inheritor of Shaolin Kungfu. He has participated in the declaration of Shaolin Kungfu as "intangible cultural heritage" and was hired as a Shaolin Kungfu consultant by several Shaolin Temple overseas cultural centers.

In February 2022, appointed by Abbot Shi Yongxin, he went to the United States to teach Shaolin Kungfu and promote Shaolin culture.


“My son has been coming here for 5 years minus the 2 years of Covid. We are so glad we started him early, this will be a part of his life into his adulthood. It was difficult to get him back on track after the 2 year Covid hiatus, his physicality was declining as well as his self motivation and self confidence. Again, He has improved his physical abilities and connecting his mind and body. Today he is strong and confident. I'm convinced that he can endure so much more than if he wasn't in this environment.There were times he wanted to quit because it is hard, but he knows now that hard work pays off, it's something he came to a realization for himself.”



our client

“ I've been practicing various meditation styles and have trained in a variety of martial arts for over 20 years and it is refreshing to find shaolin monks direct from the shaolin temple teaching traditional shaolin kung fu! Everyone has been very welcoming and I can feel the respect, honor and traditions of this community! Definitely worth checking out...life changer!!!”



our client

“Shaolin Temple Cultural Center Walnut is the best kungfu place to go. This helps calm your mind and have control and focus in your mind. The monks teach kungfu from 1000's and 1000's years ago and now teach it here. Definitely a good place to learn kungfu.”



our client

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